Wylerbergkring Foundation

The Wylerbergkring Foundation represents the monumental Wylerberg House, located on the moraine in Beek-Ubbergen near Nijmegen.


Wylerberg House has a fascinating and eventful history, formed by two World Wars, border shifts and a very special woman.


2024 marks the centenary of Wylerberg House. Special festivities are being organized in the run-up to this anniversary.

The arts

From the outset, the arts played an important role in the identity of Wylerberg House.


In Wylerberg House, which is still used and inhabited to this day, one can undertake various interesting activities.

Visitor information

Here you can read about accessibility and opening days and times of Wylerberg House.

Location of Wylerberg House

Huis Wylerberg

Rijksstraatweg 174
6573 DG Beek-Ubbergen
Gelderland, Nederland

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